Adult Nursing Relationship Benefits

adult nursing relationship benefits - a man places his lips on a woman's chest

Are There Benefits to Adult Nursing?! Yes, there are actual health adult nursing relationship benefits!

Besides the psychological effect skin-to-skin contact has on mental health, adult breastfeeding relationships can encourage better breast health.

Researchers in Japan conducted a study to see how breast massages impacted milk quality.

The conclusion was that breast massages affected “the quality of human milk by significantly increasing total solids, lipids, and casein concentration and gross energy,” leading to “improve the growth and development of infants” (Samuel et al., 2020).

Besides all that, it just feels good! The euphoric feeling of spending time with your partner and getting pleasure in a nonsexual (or sexual) way is a big thumbs up in our books.

The feel-good sensation can be linked to the chemical release of Oxytocin, usually released during infant/mother skin contact (World Health Organization, 2009).

This sensation can also be produced between adults and can help with emotional bonding. Since Oxytocin can help alleviate stress and have calming effects (Uvnäs-Moberg K, 1996), you can see how an adult breastfeeding relationship can benefit all those involved.