Induced Lactation After Menopause

Many mature woman and their partners are becoming interested in ANR and, as a result, the question of whether you can induce lactation after menopause comes up frequently. The short answer to the question is a definite YES!

What You Need to Know

As long as you have healthy breasts, and the time to devote to the process, you can induce lactation after menopause. A uterus and/or ovaries are not required, so if you’ve had a hysterectomy or other surgery you can still have a successful ANR with your partner – or solo!

Getting Started with Lactation After Menopause

Induced Lactation After Menopause - Dreams of MilkI found it rather slow going (and honestly kind of frustrating) to induce while  experiencing the effects of menopause. There is a lot going on in your body during this time, especially with the hormones required for successful milk production.

My attempts at inducing involved the co-operation of my partner, and a lot of breast suckling to stimulate the milk-making process. This was somewhat successful and I was able to produce some milk, and the odd time, an exciting little spray of milk.

Of course, I was not satisfied with the amount of milk I was making, so I opted to add domperidone into the mix. This turned out to be a great addition, and within a few months I was able to produce almost 2oz of milk a day. This may not sound like a lot, but you should be aware that inducing seldom gives you the amount of milk that you would have if you you had gone through a pregnancy – the two can not be equated – the hormonal changes in the body during a pregnancy are just not something that we can fully duplicate. That being said…

The Newman-Goldfarb Menopause Protocol

The Newman-Goldfarb lactation protocols are designed mimic the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. After a period of time, the protocol is abruptly stopped. This sudden change in hormone levels, along with breast pumping, will encourage milk production.

For menopausal women (and/or women over the age of 35) there is a slightly modified protocol that does not use the estrogen/progesterone combination birth control as there are some health risks – the menopause protocol instead relies on using just the progesterone component in combination with domperidone.

Does It Work?

I have tried several different ways to induce lactation and I have had the best success with the menopause protocol. If you choose to go this route, one recommendation that I have is that you make sure that you have a good quality double electric breast pump to support your efforts.

Newman-Goldfarb Menopause Protocol

18 thoughts on “Induced Lactation After Menopause”

  1. Hi, I’m looking to start lactation as a surprise for my partner as he’s really into it. I’m just wondering how I go about starting as I work full time so I’m unable to use a breast pump every few hours. What other methods can I use to help me on my journey. I live in the UK.
    thank you

  2. I’ve recently been diagnosed pre menopausal. I am now using testosterone cream and estrogen 1mg tab. I stumbled on this ANR accidentally but am intrigued. Suckling is great. But jus not available as often as needed. I have a tens unit that I have started using for stimulation as well-leaving it on my breasts all day pretty much stimulating with any and all activity. I’ve only been using this for a few days. I only have a hand pump no electric. It hurts when I try and use the medula hand pump. What do I do. Am I impatient?

    • Quick answer – yes, you are impatient 😛 But we all are! A TENS is a great way to provide stimulation and to keep on a stimulation schedule even when you are unable to suckle. You don’t need to leave it running all day though – it is preferable to do it for 15-20 mins about every 2 hrs.

  3. Can you tell me what age the oldest woman has been to relactate? Or breastfeed? I am a grandma looking to help my granddaughter(long story).

    • Hi Sharon. There are many women that produce milk well after menopause. The challenge is (as always) hormones. Have a look at the Newman-Goldfarb protocols for menopause. And if possible you should work with a lactation consultant and physician to monitor your health/progress – playing with hormones can be tricky.

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  4. Hi, I am not menopausal yet but I was recently prescribed progesterone to balance my hormones. I am interested in learning to produce but was wondering if it’s going to be possible with me taking progesterone? I do not take any other medications. Do you know if it’s possible to induce lactation while taking that?

    • If you have a look at the Newman-Goldfarb protocols for inducing lactation you’ll see they use progesterone to help mimic a pregnancy state. However, it also requires you to abruptly stop the progesterone at some point in order to instigate milk production. I’m not a medical practitioner but I have gone through menopause and I successfully induced during peri-menopause. You may not get ounces and ounces, but I believe you can make progress.

  5. I have a question. I started using domperidone after starting with fenugreek and blessed thistle. I started producing within 3 weeks and seem to produce quite a bit. If I was only pumping I can easily pump almost 2 oz from each breast multiple times a day. I also have enough to get strong sprays over and over. But what I have noticed is I missed my period and seem to have gained weight. Now I know it said it could make you hungry so be careful, which I have been. Is it possible that it is adjusting my hormones enough to actually mimic nursing a child? When I nursed my children I didn’t get my period again until I was finished. Any information would be helpful. Thank You

    • Hi Melissa,

      That is indeed the case! When lactating there is a whole shift in hormones, which can cause some weight gain and also missed periods. Not everyone experiences this, but it can happen.

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