The Clinic

The Clinic is where you will find the more technical information about ANR and inducing lactation. You’ll learn about the mechanics of making milk, how the body adapts and changes to the milk making process, information on how to get started inducing, what to look for and be mindful of, and a host of other topics.

This is also a place where we’ll be sharing personal experience as to what worked and what didn’t – to help you on your own journey.

What Is Progesterone? - Dreams of Milk ANR

What is Progesterone?

How does progesterone relate to the milk making process? An overview of what you can expect.

Galactagogues - Dreams of Milk ANR


Galactagogues are herbs, foods, and synthetic or plant-derived medications that stimulate milk production and increase the flow of breast milk.

Herbal Galactagogues - Dreams of Milk

Herbal Galactagogues

Many women choose to use natural supplements to help increase their milk supply. These are some of the most common herbs for lactation induction

Induced Lactation After Menopause - Dreams of Milk ANR

Induced Lactation After Menopause

Many mature woman and their partners are becoming interested in ANR and, as a result, this question comes up frequently – Induced Lactation After Menopause

Domperidone for Lactation

Domperidone maleate is a medication used to treat stomach issues, but is frequently used for to stimulate lactation.