The Clinic

The Clinic is where you will find the more technical information about ANR and inducing lactation. You’ll learn about the mechanics of making milk, how the body adapts and changes to the milk making process, information on how to get started inducing, what to look for and be mindful of, and a host of other topics.

This is also a place where we’ll be sharing personal experience as to what worked and what didn’t – to help you on your own journey.

Why an Adult Nursing Relationship? ANR/ABF - Dreams of Milk ANR

Why an Adult Nursing Relationship?

An ANR is any relationship in which a woman, who is currently lactating, is being suckled by herr adult partner as part of a continuing relationship.

The Importance of Correct Latch - Dreams of Milk ANR

The Importance of Correct Latch

Latch is the term used to describe the technique of placing one’s lips and tongue over the nipple and areola in order to suckle milk from the breast.

Stages of Milk Production - Dreams of Milk ANR

The Stages of Milk Production

When starting your lactation journey, one of the most exciting things is those first few, precious drops of milk. Everyone will have their own unique experience with milk and what it looks like.