Newman-Goldfarb Protocols for Inducing Lactation

The Newman-Goldfarb induced lactation protocols are designed to imitate (as much as possible) the hormonal changes that occur in the body in order to ‘fool’ the body into thinking it is pregnant. This will result in changes to the breast/mammary glands and help the milk making apparatus develop.

The protocols use a low dose estrogen/progesterone birth control pill in combination with domperidone (to increase prolactin levels). At the end of a prescribed period of time (usually 60-90 days), the birth control pills are abruptly stopped, thus mimicking the sudden drop in progesterone after giving birth.

By pumping, with an electric breast pump, on a regular 3 hour schedule it causes the body to react by starting to produce milk.

 The Regular Protocol

 The Accelerated Protocol

 The Menopause Protocol

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