What is ANR?

What is ANR? image shows embracing couple with man's head resting on woman's breast

You’re hear, you’re curious, so what is ANR?

ANR stands for adult breastfeeding relationship (ANR) or adult breastfeeding (ABF).

It involves two (or more) intimate partners wherein one partner suckles or breastfeeds from the other.

ANR can involve lactation but does not have to and can be an excellent way for couples to bond and enjoy quality time together.

There is a misconception that all adult breastfeeding relationships have to be sexual, which isn’t true at all! 

Adult breastfeeding relationships can be great for those who want to tap into the nurturing and intimate bonding experience of nursing. It can also provide and spend time together in a slightly unconventional but rewarding way!

There’s something beautiful and nurturing about having your partner laying in your lap massaging and suckling on your breasts while you stroke their hair, and the feelings of love that this act can bring out of the two of you can change the way you interact with each other.

Besides the comfort it can provide to both you and your partner, there are also health benefits to breastfeeding and breast sucking.

Breaking the Myths and Stigma of ANR

First of all: no, you are not strange for being interested in this! Intimacy and bonding look different between couples, and the form that takes can vary. 

Intimacy should be unique to your needs and wants. However, you shouldn’t confuse adults engaging in intimate acts between consenting adults and the healthy, bonding, and biological act between an adult and an infant.

Breastfeeding a child is not a sexual act, and this difference should be understood by everyone involved. Yes, adult breastfeeding relationships can allude to the bond between a child and a mother but remember, this is between two consenting adults.

There is a difference between a baby breastfeeding and adults engaged in ANR, so please do not get these confused! 

Though there are adult kinks that involve infantilizing and age regression, this article aims to talk more about the intimacy and nurture aspect of being in an adult breastfeeding relationship.

Why would anyone want to be in an adult breastfeeding relationship!?

Chances are, if you have ever been in an adult relationship, you’ve experienced an aspect of ABR.

Anytime you’ve had your breasts fondled, sucked on, played with, or had any of these acts done to you, you’re just a couple of steps away from being in an adult breastfeeding relationship!

The main difference is the intention behind the acts.

Adult breastfeeding and nursing relationships take this act and focus on the intimate bonding experience. Each relationship has its unique take on what this looks like, but it’s essential to establish an intention between you and your partner.

Boundaries, like in all parts of life, are essential in adult breastfeeding and nursing relationships.

Some partners prefer turning it into a bonding experience with other intimate acts like massages and talking about each other’s day, while other partners mix some kinky aspects.

That’s the beauty of an adult breastfeeding relationship: you make it what YOU want it to be.

Another reason someone would want to participate in an adult breastfeeding relationship is the physical act and skin-to-skin contact that many of us crave. A Japanese word that roughly translates to ‘skinship’ is a term used to explain bonding between others through physical touch that can be sexual but focuses primarily on the power of touch.

Touch starved adults can benefit a lot from having skin-to-skin contact with their partners. Being in an adult breastfeeding relationship can help people whose love languages involve touch.

Final Thoughts on What is ANR

So now you know a little bit more about adult breastfeeding relationships! Hopefully, you feel confident in taking your first steps into beginning an adult breastfeeding relationship.

As always, stay safe and have fun!